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Amy Turner, Certified Professional Life Coach

308 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 113,Ā Ishpeming, MI // Inside the historic Gossard Building // (541)306-9386

Ā Open by event or appointment.

Personal & Partner Sessions, Group Classes, Transformational Retreat Programs Available

Grow beyond where you can go on your own.

10 Week Group Circle

Courage, Power & Peace

The Summer 2024 Circle is held at Apiary Life Studio in Ishpeming.

This popular course gives you tools, connection and camaraderieĀ for your empowered life.Ā Developed and facilitated by Emotional Wellness Life Coach, Amy Turner.

BEGINS JUNE 18 ~ Pre-registration required before JUNE 14.Ā 


Personal or Partner Sessions

Grow beyond where you can go on your own. Find holistic clarity, direction, and inside-out support for life, work, and relationships. Get private sessions to be supported where you're at for what matters to you most. Click the button to learn more and find out if this is a right step for you. When you reach out, Amy will be happy to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.

"Amy Turner is pure magic.

I'm a completely different person than before I started working with Amy. I love it! With every session I become more me than I've ever been. It shows in every aspect of my life."

- Hailey Risch, Client

Live with heart from the inside out.

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Tools for life in a community you love. 

Relaxed. Inviting. Intentional. 


Hi there, I'm Amy...

I'm the creator of Apiary Life Studio. It's my deepest joy to provide programs and coaching for uniquely inspired lives with expression, celebration, and connection. Do you find yourself unable to connect the way you want with people or projects that are important to you - or in a life transition you're not totally sure how to navigate? Are you looking to be inspired by something more, but you're not sure what? Here at Apiary Life Studio we have tools, practices and wisdoms that encourage each other to live true to self while deepening relationships and personal satisfaction. My clients are empowered people who navigate life paths as unique as they are - confidently, effectively and resiliently. Reach out to learn more about one-to-one coaching, inspirational group classes, and retreats offered throughout the year. Perhaps you'll be among this community of clients to grow beyond where you can go on your own. Catch the buzz with us at Apiary Life Studio and experience the hum of our gloriously empowered community - living, working, and loving from the inside out. // Amy Turner has a rich personal growth background as an Artist, Yogi, Emotional Wellness Programs Creator, and Certified Professional Life Coach. She is also known for her effectiveness as an Executive Coach and Team Building Facilitator to promote healthy business and life culture.


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